Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We forgot to read the small French print.

Yesterday I typed up my recent medical history for my new doctor. Sequentially I went through my appointments, drugs taken, xray and CT scan results. I got to the last CT scan. All of my radiologist records are in French so it always takes me time to make my way through it. I realized that we didn't read too much of this CT scan, just saw that the lung lesion wasn't affected by the meds I was taking so we put it down and started to look for airline tickets, knowing that we needed additional help.

Well, I discovered that I have another lesion in the same lung (15mm) that wasn't there 2 months ago. My previous lesion appeared the same size (26mm by 15mm), which I think is good. I guess knowing this info wouldn't have changed our plans any, but it left me feeling a bit discouraged and also thankful that my appointment is tomorrow.