Wednesday, October 28, 2009

School days

Well, the little honey loves her uniform and her backpack, but hasn't taken a liking to Arabic school. She has a very nice teacher who allowed me to sit with her for the whole afternoon. And the next afternoon. And the next. One day Patrick stayed, one day B stayed. She did fine when we were there, but had a terrified look when we would try to leave and would even cry about it at lunch. So, we took her out and plan to try again in January. It is a bit intimidating to have a whole new language (actually, two languages) thrown at you and no one to comfort you (big cultural difference in how they comfort). But the Lord will give her the grace to handle it at the right time, not sure when that will be, but we will know when it comes.

Some cute "class memories"--

One day her seat partner had a delicious looking snack. And, to top it off, too much of it! She was eating and eating and it was time to clean up for something else. H, who hadn't said anything just eaten up her own food, looked slyly at the girl. She got up and came back to where I was sitting and whispered, "How do you say, 'Can I eat some of that?'" Cracked me up!

Another day as we entered the room she whispered to me, "Let's sit next to each other, so that we can hold hands."

Learning some new skills

A few years ago I wanted my boys to learn some skills. But how? How would I teach them to whittle some wood, tie knots, climb, do extreme sports....boy things? In the States you can join clubs or do classes. Of course, Patrick teaches them a lot, but I wanted a check-off list or something. We prayed and asked the Lord for help.

We discovered some things locally, like leather work and wood-burning designs on pieces of wood from the cork tree. Many things to learn from people here.

Recently, though, the Lord opened the door for them to join the Boy Scouts! Imagine that! They are in the Transatlantic council and are labelled "Lone Scouts" because there isn't a troop for them to join. Patrick is their leader. And, Boy Scout books contain skills--lots of them.

After an afternoon at school, J came in the door with a limping JP. Apparently, JP had stepped on a small piece of glass and J carried him home the rest of the way.

"Mom, mom," J sputtered after we checked JP's foot, "I would never have known how to carry him if I wouldn't have read it in my Boy Scout book."

There you have it! Thanks again God for your kindness to us.

J, a lover of monkeys and little brothers

Thursday, October 22, 2009

All I want for Christmas is my...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Four flights and a van

Most of our "crew" heading through the airport with carry-ons.

Forever the reader, B couldn't fit another book in her carry-on, so she carried it the whole way!

Our family on the first flight, looking fresh and waiting for the pop.

We had a wonderful, whirlwind time in the States this summer. On Monday Sept. 21 we boarded our first plane back home. Four flights and a van ride later we were back to our home. The kids were happy to be back. A friend of ours did a great job clearing our place of dust. But, "achoo, achoo," it doesn't take long for it to come back!

Medical updates

I was given a "Go in peace" command by my Infectious Disease doctor at my last appointment on Sept. 15. My lung cavity was smaller and I came off of the medicine. (yah!!) I left with an awareness of being in God's hands, He knows my beginning and end and gives me breath in-between. He has given me true peace through His Son, Jesus.

B has done well with her gluten free eating. I'm still figuring out how to monitor cross-contamination in a country that sells a lot of bulk foods and when the wind blows the right way, it may cover the split peas with wheat or put the noodles in the popcorn. I'm doing the diet with her and have noticed an increase in energy myself. I'm thankful for my Winfield friend who gave us lots of yummy recipes and poured blessings of GF flour on us!!

Patrick has struggled most recently with severe migraines. Will you please join us in prayer that the Lord would be glorified in the relief of these?