Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Learning some new skills

A few years ago I wanted my boys to learn some skills. But how? How would I teach them to whittle some wood, tie knots, climb, do extreme sports....boy things? In the States you can join clubs or do classes. Of course, Patrick teaches them a lot, but I wanted a check-off list or something. We prayed and asked the Lord for help.

We discovered some things locally, like leather work and wood-burning designs on pieces of wood from the cork tree. Many things to learn from people here.

Recently, though, the Lord opened the door for them to join the Boy Scouts! Imagine that! They are in the Transatlantic council and are labelled "Lone Scouts" because there isn't a troop for them to join. Patrick is their leader. And, Boy Scout books contain skills--lots of them.

After an afternoon at school, J came in the door with a limping JP. Apparently, JP had stepped on a small piece of glass and J carried him home the rest of the way.

"Mom, mom," J sputtered after we checked JP's foot, "I would never have known how to carry him if I wouldn't have read it in my Boy Scout book."

There you have it! Thanks again God for your kindness to us.

J, a lover of monkeys and little brothers