Saturday, July 30, 2011

Looks yummy, but what about the inside?

Proverbs in our country are very popular. One that I like to use with my friends translates, "The outside looks beautiful, but what about the inside?" They laugh and then it can open a conversation of how people look good on the exterior, but their heart, what's it like? We don't know the depth of deceit in our own hearts, but we certainly know that there are wrong motives and pride lurking. It's a proverb that people understand, though not always to the depth that it convicts.

This is a culture that strives for good appearances, even in their food. These beautiful cookies truly look elegant on the outside, but beware! Blandness lurks beneath the surface! It's funny to me how this proverb can apply to these lovely but yucky morsels too! How about you? You're looking good, but how's your inside today? xxoo

Friday, July 15, 2011

Age 15!

We love you and are so glad you are in our family! June 22nd was a happy day 15 years ago in Evanston, IL.

A birthday fish!