Thursday, April 30, 2009

First things first

Patrick was encouraging the kids after lunch today to really get the most out of their Arabic class. "In fact," he said, "you could even study it in college and be really good at it."

JP, age 6, was listening intently and then spoke.
"First..."  His eyes were soft and curious.  "Can I play football in English?"

OK JP, you sure can.  First things first.
JP, my practical guy

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

gnisufnoc si loohcS

Sometimes school is confusing.  Take J for instance--he usually has French for 1 1/2 hours a day, Arabic for 1 1/2 hours, and Math for 1 1/2 hours.  They chose to do Math in Arabic too, so it's a good time to practice those comprehension skills.  

He did math homework the other night.  After he was done, the paper laid on the floor without a name for a long time, so I asked, "Hey Josiah, is this yours?"  Yep, it was.  He wrote his name and handed back the paper.

I looked.  He had written, "haisoJ."  I said, "Josiah, um, did you know that you wrote this, um, backward?"  

"Sure mom," he quickly said, "the teacher knows what I mean."  Oh yeah, I reminded myself, Math is in Arabic.   

Well, maybe school isn't all that confusing, maybe just the mom is confused (and hopefully not the future employer!).

Lovin' life

Friday, April 3, 2009

Back to school

Walking home from school

I think she looks darling in her school uniform.

Monday marks the first day back at school after spring break.  I don't think this creates "warm fuzzies" in my kids.  Would you pray for them as they reenter into their French/Arabic school?
--That they would know that the Lord is near
--That they would be bright lights for Him
--That the teachers would have much joy (they tend to spend a lot of time dealing with discipline issues which in this context is hitting and yelling) and that their students would learn (truly important for the next generation of our country)
--That our kids would desire to learn these languages and that God would give them love for others

Thank you for holding the rope for us!  

A day in the life of a spring breaker...

This past week has been spring break for our kids.  On Tuesday, we drove to a big city an hour north of us and enjoyed lunch at Pizza Hut.  Then we spent a nice afternoon at the beach.  It was truly windy (believe it or not, I was still wearing wool!) but the sun was beautiful.  Nothing like hearing kids laughing and the waves lapping.  Lovely.

Health update

My latest blood test showed lower than normal red blood cell levels.  I've been feeling OK, though tired.  Fatigued.  In body and soul.

Though today showed me a ray of hope--I had energy plus joy!  Someone must have been praying for me.  Patrick also bought me a juicer this week, so we have been enjoying a daily shot of carrot juice.  This has been good.

I'm curious if my current state of health is from the valley fever or if it's a side effect of the antifungals.  We plan to return to the states in June and I look forward to seeing my doctor (and hopefully hearing that the lung cavity is gone and being taken off of the antifungals).

Thanks for standing with me regarding these health issues.  I'm sorry that it's such a long road...for you too, the one praying.