Friday, April 3, 2009

Health update

My latest blood test showed lower than normal red blood cell levels.  I've been feeling OK, though tired.  Fatigued.  In body and soul.

Though today showed me a ray of hope--I had energy plus joy!  Someone must have been praying for me.  Patrick also bought me a juicer this week, so we have been enjoying a daily shot of carrot juice.  This has been good.

I'm curious if my current state of health is from the valley fever or if it's a side effect of the antifungals.  We plan to return to the states in June and I look forward to seeing my doctor (and hopefully hearing that the lung cavity is gone and being taken off of the antifungals).

Thanks for standing with me regarding these health issues.  I'm sorry that it's such a long road...for you too, the one praying.