Friday, March 5, 2010

Rainy days

It's been a rainy few weeks. Though I'm glad the sun has peeked through between the rain sessions. In fact, one day when we were walking the boys to school, H didn't even want to wear a coat it was so sunny. Thankfully she did because it downpoured on us within minutes after we dropped the boys off. We giggled and walked quickly home. Here are some other happenings on these rainy days...

A happy birthday party for Poppy and a happy un-birthday party for all of us.

B began a wonderful online class through Veritas Press. She had been doing the work on her own last semester, but this semester it's fun to have some discussions with classmates and a godly teacher. We are proud of her.
Building forts with pillows
Saxon math continues regardless of weather!
(His cool shirt choice is due to the fact that his others were dirty or still hanging up wet.
Yep, lots of rain!!)