Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A visitor

We had a tall visitor at our house. He refused to have tea with us, in fact he didn't even sit down, but happily shook hands with us all.
Wow! He was also a little wide!
He thought of sitting down but decided against it. Maybe he was a bit put off by the mess in the room?
After JP aggressively tackled him his identity was revealed--J and E dressed in the traditional garb! Who would have thought!?

Friday, April 15, 2011

A large stray beast

Milling across the street from our house
Stray dogs are a menace, but our community deals with another abandoned animal--the mule. I was so surprised when I first saw one milling around on the street, eating garbage and looking oh so forlorn. They are left when they can no longer work for the owner, leading a cart of vegetables or other wares. Injustice surged within when I first saw them. This is inhumane! A mule that had faithfully worked his whole life, to be left to roam, to die. But then I remembered the poor people that I often see. Does that same emotion of compassion surge when I pass them? Even today we ate with a family whose tin house may be destroyed within a few weeks by the authorities in order to rebuild cement buildings. It's a good idea, but the people lack the resources that a forced project like this takes--money for one. There are bigger issues at the table than wandering animals, yes?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time in the States

Words can't adequately summarize our last few months spent in the U.S. We were refreshed by family, friends, sermons, nature, and Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream (the least on the list of things such as this...but on the list nonetheless!) My heart rejoices that God renewed us and brought us back to our country with a vision and a joy. This is supernatural, my friends. Here are just a few of the highlights in picture form...

We loved the public institutions that the states provides...museums and libraries! Here is E doing exercise on something in the Science museum in Chicago.

Yeah for Grandpa and cousins and Auntie Sara and Uncle Brian. They fed us great food, taught us Settlers of Catan, and laughed with us.

We spent much time in the car going cross-country. In and Out Burger was enjoyed!
We got to see both snow and sunshine! What a great thing to enjoy the great outdoors with freedom.
A fun hike in AZ
Grandpa H's horse who took J on a wild ride. He looks calm and sedated here but don't let that fool you, he's devising the plan to gallop and try to knock off J under the low barn. Good thing J has his father's agility and hung on while sliding off the side so he wasn't scraped off.
Thankful for Grandma and Grandpa H and Aunt Jenny and cousin Taylor.

It is hard to capture the many conversations in photos. We must know the best people in the world, we have learned so much from their lives and walked away encouraged by their trust in God. This spoke life into us and we are forever changed. We love the body of Christ. Thanks be to God.