Friday, April 15, 2011

A large stray beast

Milling across the street from our house
Stray dogs are a menace, but our community deals with another abandoned animal--the mule. I was so surprised when I first saw one milling around on the street, eating garbage and looking oh so forlorn. They are left when they can no longer work for the owner, leading a cart of vegetables or other wares. Injustice surged within when I first saw them. This is inhumane! A mule that had faithfully worked his whole life, to be left to roam, to die. But then I remembered the poor people that I often see. Does that same emotion of compassion surge when I pass them? Even today we ate with a family whose tin house may be destroyed within a few weeks by the authorities in order to rebuild cement buildings. It's a good idea, but the people lack the resources that a forced project like this takes--money for one. There are bigger issues at the table than wandering animals, yes?