Friday, March 30, 2012

Truly My Mind

A blue post-it note surprised me above my pillow. The contents:

My Mind
The mournful drip of rain sounds in my head,
Filling it up with all the fierce floods of dread;
"What if this happens? Oh no, what if this?"
These echoes resound till the sun like a kiss,
Brushes away all those dark clouds of doom.
Now joy, hope, and peace fill up all that room.
The rain is all gone and the sun reigns supreme,
And trust blossoms up like a fresh watered tree.
I love you.

Because my mind does tend to be overactive, my jumpy, first reaction was, "How did she know? Did I tell her how my thoughts can carry me away? Is it written all over my face?" My second thought was, "What a blessing that my firstborn can comfort me with words of truth and hope." I'm so thankful for this girlie and her poems and other musings.