Friday, February 27, 2009

We are all together again!

Patrick returned from his trip and we are so happy to be all together again.  I am thankful for the Lord's many provisions for us including visits by some of our local friends to see how we were doing.  But I am so grateful to have him home.  He's the best.

Traveling back with him was an American man who was a PT (for I think about 40 years) and will stay with us for 3 weeks.  The center that services young children with disabilities has been running for over a month now.  Three wonderful young local ladies are employed and helping the children with exercises.  Our PT friend is evaluating the children and instructing the ladies...they are so blessed by having him.  The Lord's provides bountifully, doesn't he?

I'm hooked...

A new supermarche opened last week about 5 minutes walk from our home.  It has typical things, and though it's "super" it is really small (like 5 short aisles).  But I am thrilled that they have these yummy olives!  I bought these 2 batches for about 35 cents!  

I found another "olive man" that sells these tasty treats but he is a 5 minute taxi ride and then another 7 minute walk to get to him.  Not that that is all that bad, but I'm tickled that I can get them fresh in our neighborhood.  Olives and dark chocolate are my favorite in-between meals snacks (not together though!).  Just one of the perks of living here...

Hair cuts

Here are some pictures of some new hair cuts by our hairdresser friend...

Miss HR gets some bangs.  

B opted for a layered look that looks super cute on her.

We all concluded that it's fun to have a hairdresser who is a 3 minute walk from our house and only charges about $2.50 for a cut.  

Saturday, February 21, 2009

While the cat's away, the sick!

Patrick left last Friday to go to Arizona for some speaking engagements.  He has been so encouraged to see friendly faces!  

We have stayed behind for these 11 days and to sum up our time I would say--kids sick on the couch.  They have passed around a few day fever and headache, sparing only H and me.  The Lord has provided for us though and we are excited that Patrick is returning in 3 days.  Hopefully I won't be sick upon his arrival!

Oops...I have to attend to a little "mouse."

Saturday, February 7, 2009

An 11 year old birthday boy

I can't believe that my oldest son is 11.  He is such a blessing to us and I pray that the Lord would continue to grow him to love God and others.  I'm a very thankful mom.