Friday, October 2, 2009

Medical updates

I was given a "Go in peace" command by my Infectious Disease doctor at my last appointment on Sept. 15. My lung cavity was smaller and I came off of the medicine. (yah!!) I left with an awareness of being in God's hands, He knows my beginning and end and gives me breath in-between. He has given me true peace through His Son, Jesus.

B has done well with her gluten free eating. I'm still figuring out how to monitor cross-contamination in a country that sells a lot of bulk foods and when the wind blows the right way, it may cover the split peas with wheat or put the noodles in the popcorn. I'm doing the diet with her and have noticed an increase in energy myself. I'm thankful for my Winfield friend who gave us lots of yummy recipes and poured blessings of GF flour on us!!

Patrick has struggled most recently with severe migraines. Will you please join us in prayer that the Lord would be glorified in the relief of these?