Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My hero

This will be the last post this side of the "big pond." We get on a train tomorrow at 5 pm so that we can get to our fly out city in order to board that plane at 1 am!! (We wanted cheap tickets at the last minute so therefore the times aren't the most desireable!) We will arrive Paris at 5 am and then go from there hopefully arriving in Cleveland at 11 pm that same (Thurs.) night. The kids are so excited about the airplane. But I've been trying to tell them that on that first airplane we need to sleep--please! We'll see how it goes, I've been slugging vitamin Bs for energy!

Not wanting Pat to be an unsung hero, I wanted to thank the Lord for him here. He has been buying food, going to get our car fixed, saying goodbye to friends, visiting the DHL office to check on our airline tickets, etc. This might not sound like much, but in this country everything takes a looooong time to do. The great part (the Spirit-filled part) is that he comes back out of the dusty heat with a smile and gets started on the next project here (with a wrestle or two with the boys in between). I'm so thankful for him. I couldn't do it without him.