Sunday, July 27, 2008

Planes, Train, and a Taxi

We have landed in Ohio! Hooray! Our travels were long but the kids did well (B had tummy cramps during the taxi ride and first flight and E threw up in the Charles De Galle airport...but other than that everyone was happy--especially after watching "Horton Hears a Who" three times on the international flight!) We have had two happy days with very pregnant Auntie Sara and Uncle Brian, we visited the library (Yeah!), and Uncle Brian grilled a delicious pork tenderloin. Today we are visiting my dad and brother. It's been a very special time thus far.

My first appointment is June 30 at 1 pm with a pulmonary doctor. It will be nice to explain everything in English and prayerfully get some answers.

A memorable moment--H and JP chased each other around the big tree in the front of Sara and Brian's home several times. With barefeet and giggles, JP yells, "C'mon mom! Try it! It's so tickly!" Ah, the joy of the midwest and "tickly" green grass!