Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tickets are booked

Our tickets are booked to head back to Cleveland OH. We will arrive late the night of July 24. Our bags are at least out of the closet, getting ready to be packed. I'm attaching a picture of a ct scan so that you can see what my lung lesion looks like. We are praying that the Lord will give the doctors wisdom to diagnose this correctly and quickly. Thankfully, I am not bed ridden, just fatigued with a bit of chest pain.

I have been off of the TB meds for 2 days now and it feels great! I ended the shots a bit early due to having some problems with my ears (a side effect of Streptomycin). I'm happy to report though that after 6 days, I woke up with my ears feeling normal. All of life is a walk of faith, is it not?

I also noticed several pinpricks of "dried" blood in my sputum this morning (sorry for the details), so I feel thankful that will be able to get to the heart of this soon(Lord-willing).

We are so thankful for your prayers.