Friday, August 1, 2008


I am sitting in the public library, using their free internet, while B is adding to her pile of books by the minute, H is hugging a little doll she found in the play area and Patrick left to buy coffee due to the early wakeup time today! I'm groggy with rubbery legs but my heart overflows with thankfulness. Grateful for the quick bronchoscopy this morning, grateful for the freedom I had to return to this country, and grateful for you--our family and friends.

We set off at 6am this morning, arrived, and was prepped for the bronchoscopy. When I entered the operating room, I saw my vast number of CT scan films up on the wall (some stained by olives that I tried to import in our luggage!! Oops!). Then the anesthetic kicked in and I only remember opening and closing my mouth on command. Everything went smoothly, thanks be to God.

They will know the results early next week. They are testing for numerous things--TB, different fungi, bacteria, autoimmune related illnesses, and cancer, though he did say that cancer was unlikely. He said that many of these things are slow growing so the cultures may take a few weeks. My doctor has been in discussion with 3 other Infectious Disease doctors and I will meet with one after the biopsy results are in. Under his breath he said that the ID doctors like to do A LOT of testing so again we are praying for clarity and that we begin down the right road for treatment.

We are so very grateful for you and your concern and prayers for us. The Lord is near.

Off we go now--to rest and read!