Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Doctors appointment tomorrow

Tomorrow is another appointment with the Infectious Disease doctor. We will need to talk about a lot of things--medicine, what tests I need and will need throughout the rest of the year, side effects of meds (it seems to be giving me headaches), any further test results from the biopsy, etc. I will need to go back to our country with a good documentation of what the diagnosis truly was, so that I won't be questioned by the state health officials as to why I didn't finish my TB meds. I could hear the conversation we want to avoid it! She is also going to petition our airlines to stay a few weeks more, so we will see if she did that. Please pray that all of this falls into place--the airline tickets, the car rental so that we can see our friends in Chicago and then see Patrick's parents, our return date, and rest. I am feeling much better but I still exhaust easy.

Please also pray for my sister Sara as the doctor put her on bed rest for a bit as she was having bad back pains and she still has a few more weeks of pregnancy. She's been a big servant, but now needs a big break!

On a fun note, a dear college friend got all of our kids "Webkins." I had never heard of them, but now all the kids' animals are registered online with lots of games to play. We all are vying for internet time now! We had 3 public computers checked out at the library today as well as a laptop, making use of their wireless--kids laughing and pointing while mom enjoyed checking emails. I'm taking photographs in my mind, these are such cute memories.