Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On the road

We spent the weekend in the Kenosha, Wisconsin and Chicago area. The joy of seeing friends and the encouragement received has far surpassed any fatigue I feel. We were so grateful to be at our church, Grace Community Bible Church, and have been so blessed. It was a quick stop but some of these conversations will encourage me for the next year! We plan to travel today to Oklahoma to visit with Patrick's parents and sister.

In answer to my last post, the doctor called the morning of the appt. and canceled. She said that I can do my tests when we return from OK (sometime next week). We thank the Lord that she submitted a good medical request to the airlines which moved our date of departure to Sept. 23. I am trusting that this will give ample time to make sure my body is receiving the meds well and to rest up before our return. Thank you for all of our prayers.