Friday, August 8, 2008

A clear lab finding--Hooray!

The Lord has answered our prayers by giving clear lab results. Only one thing has tested positive thus far--the Coccidiodes Fungus (Valley Fever from Arizona). We are so thankful that it’s treatable, it’s not contagious, and it didn’t take many, many testings to find it. The doctor will continue to research the other cultures but gave me a prescription for an anti-fungal (itraconazole), believing that the fungus caused my lung cavity and nodules.

We are so thankful to have answers and for the quick and thorough care at the Clinic. A big high five too to Lesli K. for first mentioning Valley Fever months ago and to Dave F. and others who wrote with great “survival” stories.

Who would have thought that I had carried this for several years since our Arizona days. I had mentioned this fungus to our overseas doctor who said that they didn’t test for it because they didn’t have it there. He was 90% sure that it was TB, an infectious disease, so there were no options but to take the TB meds. What an interesting journey filled with face masks, daily shots, seclusion, and waiting. Yet, the Lord was near.

There are, of course, some lingering questions and continued items for prayer. How will we manage to get this expensive medicine to our home overseas for one year? And how necessary really is our doctor’s advice to remain in the states for another 2 weeks into September? And what can “rebalance” my emotions and body after these months of antibiotics, etc.?

But, those answers will come, for now we are rejoicing in the good news of a correct diagnosis!