Monday, May 9, 2011

Travels in Big Red

Traveling is an adventure here! Never a dull road! Here are some of the views on the beautiful trip to Patrick's work meeting.

Magnificent country washed with spring newness.
I held my breath when this guy did a curve!
A faithful shepherd
Our sturdy, 25 yr. old "Big Red" has been with us for almost 5 years. Lately she always seems to have some issues, though "fixed" by 2 different mechanics she is still shooting out exhaust through the air vents. "Windows down," was our motto. We always thank God when we reach our destination (which I should do anyway even if our car is brand new, right?).

E, in the way back of the car full of sleeping bags and backpacks, wrote this freewrite on "Riding in Big Red"

"Riding in Big Red is pretty comfortable except when things fall on your head and you aren't squashed between big bags and they actually think you can do school and you aren't. Jumping around burping up egg stuff waiting 'til you barf...other than that it's pretty comfortable."
(See the posting on the traditional breakfast to get a glimpse of the egg stuff!) Just so you know, he did not barf. Thirteen year old boys like to talk about that stuff though!