Monday, May 9, 2011

Traditional breakfast

Patrick had a work meeting on the other side of the country this past week. This allowed us the privilege of visiting one of our favorite expatriate families on the way, Patrick continuing to his meeting, the kids and I staying and visiting. We were blessed.
En route, it's a treat to eat traditional breakfast at the local cafe. This is a splendid glass of mint tea. Full of sugar, mint and green tea, it tastes a bit like doublemint gum. I love it (in moderation). The folks here drink it at least once a day, usually for afternoon snack or after a big lunch or anytime! It's a favorite.
This is an egg and dried meat mixture. The meat is kind of like a beef jerky (that's often dried on rooftops) but softens when cooked and mixed in oil. This is the closest we get to bacon and eggs. I like it (in moderation!). They love to dip fresh bread in it. Delicious. Note the fresh squeezed orange juice and black olives in the back. Doesn't this make you want to come and visit?