Thursday, May 19, 2011

New life on the balcony

We have new sprouts on the balcony!
For a science project, we are growing beans and corn. It's so exciting to see things grow!
Our book showed an elaborate watering system that I would have never thought of on my own. It works!
We are all drawn to the little sprouts--we measure and see who wins for the day. (I try to remind that winning is not dependent on the height but on the health of the plant. They do it anyway. Who taught them to be competitive?)
These are kumquat seeds that H is saving. She said, "I want to science them." I laugh. Last night at bedtime I sat on a kumquat seed that was split in half and green from having it's seed coat shredded off. I almost sat on a needle too! What was going on here? She giggles and said, "I scienced it." Ha ha! She must have been watching big sis DISSECT a crayfish and tried it in her own way. We laugh. Kids say the funniest things!