Saturday, June 19, 2010

We have an 8 year old!

Hooray! June 7th marked JP's 8th year of life. What a privilege it is to be his parents. We did a 8 day countdown beforehand in which he could pick out a different type of ice cream treat, and we marked it on this cake. (My personal favorite was day 3--look at the size of it! I couldn't accurately draw the creaminess either...)
How appropriate to get spider man jammies. On the night before JP was born, Patrick and I had gone to see the 9pm showing of Spider Man in the movie theatres. Then the castor oil kicked in and JP was born at 2AM. Oh my word! Fast and furious is an understatement. Praise God that I didn't chow on the movie popcorn that night! Ugh!
We took a special day trip down to the zoo. I love JP's expressions--he is a lover of life and his face always shows all of his emotions.
A new zoo friend/employee invited us back to see the animals up close...very close...probably TOO close. This lovely, dangerous hippo, a crocodile, and an elephant (that we petted). At the end of the "tour" I realized that he probably wasn't supposed to do this (especially jump into the crocodile display and try to get him to bite a stick! My boys were ready to jump in too when I reminded them that usually a gate in front means, "Don't go in!") but it was quite an adventure for our big boy! May the Lord give our little buddy much growth in wisdom and love for the Lord this year.