Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sometimes you just need to be yourself.

Our hairdresser lives right down the street.  She stopped by the other day and said that she'd love to give Hannah a free haircut. We set up the time and parted.

Hannah and I showed up at our scheduled time, but she didn't answer.  So we returned home and got involved in a card game with the boys.  I love having them home from school and want to soak up every minute of course.  The buzzer rang.  It was the hairdresser.  I greeted her (she's in her 20's and really sweet). Not wanting to leave the quality time with the kids I explained to her that the kids were on vacation and I was playing with them. She gave me a little smile, we rescheduled, and she left.

Then I laughed.  Two things must have been funny to her--first, the boys were swinging down the banisters and jumping down the stairs.  Did she imagine me playing that?  Second, most women here don't usually play with their kids.  They send them outside while they clean the house and cook.

Oh well.  Sometimes I don't have to do as the Romans do, I just have to be myself.