Sunday, October 28, 2012

The slaughter

This time of the year rolled around again--the sheep sacrifice.  Here is our neighbor's sheep hanging from their roof.

 It is hard work for the women.  Here our neighbor is taking the intestine and cleaning it and splitting it open with her fingers.  There is a fancy little braid they make and then they cook it in a stew-type dish.

 Here is some fat hanging on a line.  On the first day they barbeque the liver and either wrap it with this thin fat or (for the health conscious) put a small piece of fat between the pieces.  It's quite good, highly seasoned and tasty.

 Our neighborhood friends who have quite a business going--they burn the fur off of the heads and legs of the sheep.  They pull in a bit of money (but notice all of the staff needing to be paid!!).

A very unique time!  The actual slaughter of the sheep usually includes the whole family, kids included.  It's kind of like our "trimming the Christmas tree," a festive and happy time.