Thursday, February 2, 2012

His kind provision--Carrot cookies

When Elizabeth was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a few years ago, I knew that finding treats for her to eat in this wheat-filled society could be tricky. With time and recipes from friends we were able to put together a repertoire of yummys. However, when visiting friends houses it is nearly impossible to find something gluten free on the tea table, save a stray olive or date. Elizabeth is a trooper though, doesn't complain and sips her mint tea (which equals about 5 cookies in sugar content anyway!).

My friend "Minnie," an intuitive studier of our family, always tries to look out for Elizabeth. One time she made her a coconut creation (which I ate in abundance) that she claimed had no wheat. Elizabeth was a little skeptical (was she SURE that there was absolutely no flour?) and not as adventureous with food options, but always smiles and gives Minnie satisfaction. This last visit she came bearing this treat (pictured above). She called it a "carrot cookie." Hmm...and what is a "carrot cookie?" She replied that it was cooked carrots and honey, rolled in sesame seeds. My heart was so warmed that she went to all of this trouble that I grabbed one off of her tray and popped it into my mouth. My heart continued to be warmed though I did begin to plead with God to spare me from eating another. :)

It is a thoughtful friend to go the extra mile for our family. I am so thankful for Minnie and her kindness.