Monday, December 26, 2011

The Children's holiday

At the beginning of this month, our city celebrated a several day festival of sorts. I refer to it as the children's holiday because it is a time for the kids to eat candy, buy trinkets and toys, and to get all dressed up and walk through the city. But really it is named after a martyr in this religion long ago.
This is a mere sampling of the many treats available. I love the peanut brittle type dessert and probably ate this whole thing (chopped up of course! This baby is hard!)
A favorite toy sold is the plastic gun. You are given a handful of pellets and off you go. The lifespan of one of these guns is approximately one day. My boys returned multiple times with their friends to buy more (they are from $1-4).

So, it's a bit of culture shock to have a holiday after a martyr in which you eat candy and buy guns. But maybe that's just me!