Friday, July 10, 2009

Enjoying the "rain"

Medical help where we live reminds me of a desert sometimes--cracked earth longing for some rain. Hurting people longing for some answers, some expertise care, or some money to pay for medicine.

I feel so humbled and thankful that our family has been receiving good medical care since we've been back in the states. Two of us had very specific tests done and we are enjoying the "rain" that doctors have provided us through the Lord's care.

My last post updated my last visit with my doctor regarding the valley fever. A recent email from my dr. indicated that my fungal levels are normal and the lung cavity has gotten much smaller. I'm allowing my cautious self to rejoice!

Our oldest, B, has had on and off tummy aches for a few years. This past year they really weren't that bad but because we were returning to the States a dear friend encouraged getting it checked out. We are so glad we did! After multiple tests and an endoscopy we found that she has Celiac Disease. She needs to maintain a lifelong gluten-free (no wheat, barley or rye) diet and her intestine will heal itself. While this will be an adjustment dietarily, we are so thankful to God to have a diagnosis.