Sunday, December 28, 2008

We've moved!

This is our new salon with our "frosh" that goes around the room. What a bonus that the colors match the beautiful tilework!

Going up the stairs, it opens up to the roof. I have met my two neighbors up here, as they were also checking on their clothes on their roofs (separated by a wall). I love the sunlight that this brings. This is the third floor. So--first floor is the garage and squatty potty, second floor is 3 small bedrooms, bathroom, and the salon pictured before, and the third floor opens up to this roof, has a open salon, a bathroom (that the landlord promised to put in soon), and the kitchen. The kids have enjoyed playing hide and seek throughout the floors.
This is the open salon on the third floor and our eating room. More importantly, this was H's 4th birthday on December 4. I can't believe that she's that old already. But I'm reminded almost daily that she is a "big girl."

JP is happy that all the stuffed animals made it.

Patrick and E stuffing the pillows (see next pic) into the covers.

A unique thing about this move compared to our many stateside moves is that we had over 20 big pillows to pack, due to our "frosh." It's super comfy and versatile, but the pillows sure are bulky!

The boys new room

A view of our moving truck from our old apartment. We had lots of kind helpers at 7 am!

We are so thankful to be here--grateful for all of the help and the prayers. Patrick is now working to find a location for the physical therapy center and we are learning to find our way around our new town. My health has really improved for which I'm so thankful. I still feel a bit of fatigue (but could be due to this move, etc.) but am happy that I haven't coughed up blood for about a month. This is a direct answer to prayers.

God is good all the time, all the time God is good.